As technology advances exponentially, social changes are accelerating. Once we make life-changing decisions such as choosing a college major or making a career change, we cannot easily undo them. The world around us presents a moving target, and decision making is becoming ever more complex as the future becomes more uncertain. Although time travel continues to fascinate us, the prospect of actually being able to do so remains a distant fantasy. So wouldn’t it be helpful if we could do the next best thing instead – to simulate our future as realistically as possible? Enter “Futurable” - an AI-based future simulation game, designed to find better answers to pressing questions for both individuals and organizations through interactive, AI-based gamification techniques. Are you wondering which career to choose while jobs are being rapidly automated by AI? Or perhaps you’ve just started a business, and are pondering which survival strategy to pursue? How about running some iterations through Futurable and see what the world's response has to say? The more vividly we can peer into the future, the more confident we will be in making the decisions necessary to achieve the future we desire. Let us build a better future with Futurable. Seeing is believing!
FUTURABLE Life Simulation
The main idea of the game is to simulate a real life experience for the players with the use of virtual environments and artificial intelligence. An intelligent NPC will be fully autonomous by its own inborn reasoner based on life goals and beliefs. Basically, each NPC has to eat, sleep and work so that it can survive and reach to the goal.
Everyone wants to find their own life-time business. For people who want to succeed in their own business, they want to see how they can be the winners in the market or what strategy to follow for business and / or what resources needed. They can use data of the competitors, their strength and market status as effectors and can simulate their own business. This way the future prospects becomes very clear.
fAutonomy AI Plugin for Game Developers
fAutonomy is a Unity plugin which allows you to easily intergrate Deep Lerning AI in your game
About the AIBrain
AIBrain is an artificial intelligence company with the goal of building fully autonomous AI by unifying the three essential aspects of intelligence, namely Problem Solving, Learning and Memory. AIBrain, was founded by Dr. Richard H. Shinn initially in Seoul, Korea in 1997 and expanded to Palo Alto, California in 2012 and then to Shenzhen, China and Berlin, Germany in 2017.
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