Futurable Simulation

Why AI? Why Multi-agent problem solving – both cooperative and competitive?

Why not Mathematical Model such as Monte Carlo & Probabilistic reasoning?

Why Futurable AI?

  • Tech forecasting, Future forecasting
  • Beyond Mathematical Modeling: Monte Carlo + Probabilistic reasoning + AI/ML/DL – Planner
  • Multi-player cooperative and competitive problem solving
  • Common-sense reasoning problem (not a mathematical problem)
  • Partially known problem
  • Incremental problem solving
  • Intelligent agent problem solving: BDI agent
  • MA PDDL Planner
  • Approximate the real world by simulation
  • Futurable: The most powerful future simulation tool based on the disruptive technology of AI
  • Look ahead the future by accelerating the simulated world
  • Accelerate the future by simulation
  • If can accelerate the future by 365 times faster then can foresee 1 year ahead of the future
  • Time to simulate
  • We can foresee the future before it actually happens
  • Approximate the world by the scale
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