Hello fA world!

Hello world(initial setting1)

Hello world(initial setting2)

To use fA, you need 2 significant scripts which are derived from ‘Environment’, and ‘AIEntity’.
Derived_Environment.cs has to be created by a developer but Derived_AIEntity is created by fA.
A scene has to have only one Derived_Environment.cs.
Each game object can have only one Derived_AIEntity.cs, and also only one fA.cs.
(fA.cs is located under the Assets/fAutonmy/, it make gameobject appear in the fA editor)

Let’s say that developer wants to make an agent which turns on the light when the light is off then, we need to think what agent has to consider to turn on the light. Maybe the agent has to perceive that the light is off. If agent knows the light is off after perceiving then the agent does an action ‘turn on the light’.

The light can be a game environment but this could be also AIEntity. But in this example, the light will be used for the environment.

The game object ‘Text’ can be an agent and has fA.cs and a ‘Derived_AIEntity.cs’.

When you open the fA, you can see the AI scene setup.

The tap ‘Define AI classes’, I added new node ‘AIEntityTypehelloworldAgent’ which is derived AIEnityTypeAgent.

Hello world(GameObject Mapping)

Now, you can tab ‘Map selected Unity GameObject-s to AI classes’



You can set up the AI Entity Type and connect to a class.

Currently, game object ‘Text’ doesn’t have a behaviour. The behaviour will be made in the ‘AI behaviour setup’ part.

Hello world(Define property for AI Environment)

Hello world(Create AI Behaviour)

Now we need to set up the AI behaviour which affects an agent’s action

Hello world
(Types & objects to use in this AI behaviour)

Now you can make AI Behaviour. Check all AI Entity what you want to involve to create a behaviour. But in this example we have only one type entity the ‘Text’. Let’s check it.

Hello world(AI property definition)

Now, you can define AI property. In this example we don’t need many properies, but need the environment property ‘islighton’. It will be created automatically by fA. And let’s check ‘INCLUDE’ to use for initial belief/goal/training.

Hello world(AI action definition)

Hello world(Initial belief & goal)

In this part, we need to set initial belief of the agent ‘Text’. The agent ‘Text’ thinks the light is off (because ‘Value’ is not checked’) when the game is started.

Hello world(Belief Updating)

Hello world(Action Mapping)

Hello world(TDG Setup)

Hello world(Encoding)

Hello world(Training Settings)

Hello world(Compile and Training)

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