Plug-in for Unity3D

World’s 1st Deep Learning AI plug-in for Unity

State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence for all Unity Games.

With fAutonomy you can now have Fully Autonomous NPCs with Deep Neural Network (DNN) brains.

fAutonomy provides non-scripted AI agent-behaviours able to GENERALIZE (unlike scripted game AI, such as behaviour trees or finite state machines).

Robust AI agent-behaviours can be trained online even in just a few minutes using SL (Supervised Learning), relying on patented training data generation. SL is superior to RL (Reinforcement Learning) in terms of behaviour quality and training times (convergence). Create complex AI behaviours quickly and robustly.

Goal-driven, lightweight, quick, scalable & domain-independent (applicable to all Unity games). Coming with Visual Editors, and a lightweight C# API, with which you can simply adapt it exactly to your game.

Supports an arbitrary number of agents (one or more). Each agent can have the same AI behaviour, or each agent can have a different AI behaviour, or anything in-between.

fAutonomy agents can learn, adapt & respond intelligently even to unexpected situations, unlike scripted game AI. Scripted game AI cannot be prepared for every situation. With fAutonomy you do not have to worry about that anymore (saves time & development cost). With fAutonomy AI, agents (e.g. NPCs) act in order to achieve their goals in a forward planning fashion, and these goals can change even in runtime. Agents can learn and change their behaviour in runtime.

Each fAutonomy agent has it’s own personal agent memory (expressive belief-system), which they can use for planning & reasoning using human-like semantic and episodic memory, and patented, state-of-the-art, DNN-based forward planning technology, called ‘NeuralPlanner‘.

Each fAutonomy agent has it’s own sensors, with which they perceive their environment (partly or completely – you decide), and actuators (with which they can change their environment, or even their own state, including physical, communicative and/or cognitive/reasoning actions).

Create environments that are alive, with depth, with agents, that have their own life, their own goals — agents, that are fully autonomous…and all of that at a price of minimal CPU and memory cost, thanks to DNN-based AI. In runtime only DNN inference is performed, which requires constant time and space (memory). This way fAutonomy AI is truly scalable, without any compromise to the quality of AI behaviours.

Integrates seamlessly with the Unity Editor (adds a Tools/fAutonomy menu).

Comes with unlimited-time free AI server access (no subscription or website registration required), and 2 example projects.

Train with AI servers & play on the device!!

No AI server connection needed after building, neither Unity Pro. Games can be distributed without any server-connection. Connection to fAutonomy AI servers is required only for the time of game-development, for training the AI agent-behaviours. Once AI agent-behaviours are trained, no fAutonomy AI server connection is needed anymore to play the game.

Runs on any platform, where Unity Editor runs, however currently games can be built with fAutonomy only for Windows 64-bit.

PLEASE NOTE: fAutonomy for Unity is still in Open Beta, provided as free. Soon more target-platforms are also going to be added, including mobiles and consoles.

Stay ahead of the curve — switch to fAutonomy now!!

IMPORTANT: fAutonomy requires AI server-connection only for training AI behaviours (into Deep Neural Networks – DNNs). AI behaviours made with fAutonomy are trained on the fAutonomy AI servers.

Regarding data-privacy: only the user credentials (if any – user-credentials are optional – not necessary), and the created AI behaviours are shared with the fAutonomy AI servers, nothing else.



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