Add Deep Learning AI to your game!

fAutonomy for Unity is the World’s 1st Deep Learning AI plug-in for Unity.

It seamlessly integrates with the Unity Editor, and allows you to utilize state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to control agents (e.g. NPCs) or any other aspect of your game (e.g. quest generation, environment control, etc.).
fA (short for fAutonomy) uses DNNs (Deep Neural Networks). Using DNNs to control your agents in your game you can move beyond traditional scripted (e.g. finite state machine, or behaviour tree based) game AI.
Scripts cannot generalize, but a DNN can. A DNN is like a brain, that can respond intelligently in situations, to which scripts are not prepared for.
In other terms, fA can provide full Autonomy to your agents in your Unity games.
This can be very useful to provide more believable, highly replayable, more dynamic and engaging game experiences

fAutonomy for Unity is available now on the Unity Asset Store.
The 1st release of fAutonomy is free (open beta), which is then going to be quickly followed by a subscription based soft launch (removing some of the limitations of the free version).
The grand launch of fAutonomy a few months later is going to include NLP (Natural Language Processing).
Be ahead of the competition, and switch to fA now!
Free evaluation version available on the Unity Asset Store now!

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