How to use

1. Please unzip the file into a suitable folder.

2. As a result, a Unity project folder (UsecaseProject_04_StealthFortress) is going to be created. Please open that with your Unity Editor.

3. After the project has loaded, please double-click on the DD_Scene_DemoMenu.unity scene in the Assets / Scene folder to load the initial scene.

4. Click Play in the Unity Editor (suggestion: check ‘maximize on play’).

5. As the scene starts playing, left-click with your mouse on the START button in the middle of the screen, and please wait, while loading finishes.

6. After loading finished, you are offered the option to begin the demo by click on the READY button. Please left-click on it, and wait, until the demo starts.

7. After the demo starts, approximately the following screen is visible to the user:

a. Clicking on X in the top-left corner opens the in-game menu (and pauses the game). The player can play the same level again (restart), or exit to the main menu of the game (where they clicked START), or by clicking on X again, continuing to play.

b. During play, click on the camera icon in the top-right corner switches from 3rd person view to top-down view. Click on the camera icon again, switches the view back.

c. The player character (PC) can be seen in the middle of the screen (blue). The player can simply control it by either shortly single-clicking somewhere on the ground (to slowly and silently sneak there), or quickly double-clicking somewhere on the ground (to loudly and quickly run there).

d. The goal of the player is to reach to the EXIT. For that the PC has to avoid the guards. Guards have a 180 degree vision cone (in a given range). The guards, in this version of the demo, do not perceive sounds yet, but if the PC appears in their vision cone, they perceive the player, and are going to pursue the player, while they can see the player. If the player disappears from their field of vision, the guards are going to return to their patrol routes (for now, in this preliminary version of the demo, that is intended mainly as a demonstration of how fA can be applied, and forthcoming versions of the demo are going to show, what can be achieved in terms of AI behaviour quality, with fA).

e. Guards, that see the player, currently switch to high alert state (red), and start pursuing the player. If they lose sight of the player, they switch to medium alert state (yellow). Their default alert state is low (green).

f. The player can see the direction of the EXIT in form of a little red arrow at the feet of the PC, and also the exit is shown on the minimap, in the bottomright corner of the screen. The minimap also shows the player (blue dot), and the guards (red dots), and also the vision cone of the guards, and the topology of the map in top-down view.

g. Walls are shown with white lines on the minimap. Doors are shown with red lines, and there are also special doors, which require a key (blue, red or green). There doors are shown with the respective key floating over them (on the minimap, and in the 3rd person and top-down view too).

h. Keys can be picked up by the player by first standing over them, and then long clicking on them. Rocks can be thrown too, to distract guards by longclick, and guards can be stunned from close up with a long-click on them. The PC can also hide in cabinets (long-click on cabinets, if close enough).

i. Doors can be opened by first walking very close to them (click on the bottom-center of the door), and then long clicking on the door. An opening/closing door produces a sound (which in the current early version of the demo the guards do not perceive, yet, but it should be included soon as well). An opened door closes, if there are no agents (guards or PC) nearby.

j. There are 3 main types of doors: doors that do not lead anywhere (grey). These cannot be opened. Then there are doors, that do not require a key, and lead to another area of the map (brown). Also there are doors, which are locked with a key (blue, red or green). These can be opened, as discussed in STEP i) only in possession of the respective key. At the top of the screen an inventory shows, which keys could the player already obtain. Max. 3 keys can be obtained (one from each of the 3 types / colors).

k. The EXIT is not really a door: as soon as the PC bumps into it, it exits, and the mission is completed. If the PC is captured, then the player can play again.


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